Thursday, September 30, 2004

1st of the Series

Truly, a picture tells a thousand word!

Now, any idea on why the girl was also holding the hand of the guy in white shirt? Those who can give the wildiest theory will receive a . . . commendation! Hehehehe! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I should have made this announcement two months ago, but better late than never.

Ladies and gentlemen, on my first day at Slimmers World, I was weighed and hit the scales at 175 lbs. At 28 year old and with a 5'8" height, I was clearly overweight (di ba obvious?! Hehehehehehe). Friends, I am happy to announce today that I am now officially weighed at 155 lbs or 20 lbs less from my weight four months ago. That has been my weight for the almost two months now.

No, I did not take any medicines nor made a visit to the clinic of Vicky Bello. I have been working out at least four times a week for the past four months. I do aerobic exerices (tae-bo, hip-hop aero, bench, hi-lo) and started lifting weights. I have also observed my diet. I ate less carbohydrates, more fruits and protein and fiber rich food. For two months I ate only 3 pcs of skyflakes and coffee for breakfast , one cup of rice and a choice of not so fatty food (I have no choice since I only buy my food in the canteen) for lunch, and wheat bread and tuna or corn beef for dinner.

I was actually surprised that I I enjoyed doing it. There use to be a time when I dread even at that thought of having to allocate some time for physical activities.

I love my gym! Gym time is always fun time at Slimmers World Salcedo. I am happy to be working out with people who have a good sense of humor. Since I love dancing, it wouldn't be surprising that all these new aerobic exerices (hip-hop, latin aero, aero jam) would be interesting to me.

Now, all I am concentrating is gaining more muscles. Yes, I dream of having a body like Marc Nelson and I am working on it! I still do my aerobic exerices.

I feel healthy today and I love the feeling. It nice to walk knowing that your legs would not be strained because of your weight. I feel sexy, not that I have those sexy muscles, but the thought of dancing with sweat running down your body looks sexy to me. I feel good, I breathe easier now.

I feel great!

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Metro Manila, with this sprawling urban jungle laden with millions of residents, it wouldn’t be surprising to met someone with a unique story to tell. Stories in the City are the stories of the people I’ve met, talked to, worked with and even "make love" with. These are the people who made my life and my story as a Tagabukid in the city more colorful.

The first installment is a story of a friend I’ve met over the net, specifically mIRC.
Green is the Color for Red

Meet Red, he is a twenty-something-young-professional in Makati. He is a graduate of the premiere university in the country (with honors) and his is one of the unusual “coming out” story that I’ve ever heard.

In his senior year in college Red had a bad break-up with his boyfriend. It turned out that his boyfriend also had another lover. Mad, trying to get even and really wanting to find another guy, Red opened the internet and log-in at some channels in mIRC. His opening line was, “Cainta anyone?” Many responded, one of those was the guy who would turn out to be Green.

Their conversation over the net went on until Green proposes for an SEB (for virgins out there, SEB means sex-eye-ball, or you meet for the purpose of having sex). Finding it as way to get even, Red agreed and they set a time and place to meet. Red had doubts though, but who wouldn’t when never in his life had he had an SEB, this would be his first if ever. Red, however, was able to convince himself saying, “if this is what my ex did to me, I might as well do it with somebody who is only after one thing from me and that is sex.”

The time came for their meeting. Red went to Green’s house and they proceeded to his room. They met at 9 p.m., by that time, Green’s parents would be asleep.

Inside Green’s room, Red told him that he never had an SEB before. Green replied, “you should have told me, I don’t want to do this to you if you don’t want me to.” They ended up talking. Red learned that on that day he and Green chatted at mIRC, Green also had a bad break-up with his boyfriend. Green cried while relating his story.

Sympathy or pity he might have felt that Red, after hearing Green’s story, asked, “can I kiss you?” They kissed and one thing leads to another.

Naked and laying in Bed, Green hugged Red and was running his finger over Red’s body. “Don’t do that to me, I easily fall in love, “ Red told Green. Instead of stopping, Green was kissing him on is nape.

Red went home at 2 o’clock dawn.

The following day, Red received in his cellphone a forwarded message from Green. It was obvious from the message that Green is courting him. They chatted at mIRC again and Green told Red his intentions. Still doubtful, Red told Green, “sex lang ang habol mo sa akin (you’re only after me for sex).” After reading those words, Green felt insulted and automatically logged out from mIRC. Knowing that he offended Green, Red called him and apologised. Green went online again and they continued chatting.

Days passed and Red was busy doing his thesis, but there is one feeling that bothers him. Red terribly missed Green. He texted Green and told him that he would be going home to Cainta on that day. Green met him and they went to Green’s place.

One night in September, inside Green’s room, Red and Green have officially become boyfriends.

Both still continue to meet at Green’s place at 9 in the evening with Red leaving the place at 2 a.m..

Green never failed to surprise Red. On their first “monthsary”, Green brought Red to his friend’s place in Caloocan. Although earlier Green had a slip of tongue and told Red that he was preparing something, Red was still surprised to the extent of Green’s preparation. At the rooftop of apartment of Green’s friend, Red was awed to see the place filled with lit candles in every corner, flower petals scattered on the floor and a table with Red’s favorite food. When Green forgot about Red’s birthday, Green brought him to his place. All the anger of Red melt down when he opened Green’s room filled with candles and rose petal on the floor and on the bed where the two laid.

Red is a good child. He is especially close to his mother. He has never giver his parents any headaches and for all the achievements that Red earned in school, his parents glowed with pride. But while still in school, Red never told his parents about his sexuality. That is why Red and Green can’t meet at Red’s place.

Graduation day, Red finished his studies with honors. On that day, Red also decided to do something. While his mother was busy putting on her make-up, Red told her that he would introduce her to someone. Busy with what she is doing and excited about that thought of she and her husband going to the stage to put on Red numerous awards, his mother did not really take note of what Red had told her.

Red invited Green to his Graduation. After the ceremonies, Red called his parents and brought with him Green.

“Mom, Dad, “ Red said, “this is Green my boyfriend.”


Red wished that a jeepney would pass by so that he and Green could leave and save them from any embarrassment unfortunately they are far from the road. Then Red’s mom broke the silence.

“Have you eaten already?” Red’s mom asked Green. To his surprise, Green could only answer, “no.” Red’s father told Red, “we already have suspicion of who really you are, but we are happy that you did not turn out to be one of those “addicts” in the street.”

Red and Green were so happy. On their way home, one of Red’s relative called Green “” thinking that it was Green’s name. “” wasn’t Green nickname, but in their happiness, Red and Green were already oblivious to the other people around them that they started calling themselves in their term of endearment, “” (short for bé bé ).

Green was still a little bit shy in going to Red’s place despite the acceptance of Red’s family. However, on Mother’s day, Green sent flowers to Red’s mom. The note on the flowers states, “salamat sa pagtanggap ninyo sa amin ng anak nyo (thank you for accepting us and our relationship with your son), happy mother’s day, love, Green”

Red and Green’s relationship was never without any trials. They have had four break ups already but they would also be back in each arms after. Tomorrow, Red and Green will be celebrating their second anniversary.
Happy Anniversary to Red and Green. Your courage and love for each other is an inspiration for all of us. I hope your love for each other, with all the trials you’ve been through, will go stronger as the days passed by. Thank you for your story.