Friday, November 29, 2002


I had my first taste of senseless violence in Manila.

The incident was so not grave though to merit the headlines of the tabloids, but the experience tells you to be VERY careful next time.

I was in Malate Sunday evening (Nov. 17). On my home (that was early dawn of Monday) I decided to take the jeep in Taft Avenue. While walking along Nakpil St, the two guys who went ahead of me were met by an older man. After seconds of talking, they hurriedly went back. I overheard them talking about group of guys fighting near Taft and their fear that one of those fighting might be carrying a knife or an ice pick.

Having heard those, I turned left and proceeded to the direction of Malvar St. It was a bit dark in Malvar, but confident that I was on the safer side, I continued to walk towards Taft Avenue.

I was one block away from Taft, when I noticed a guy, about 5'5" in height and wearing red shirt and green pants. He was hidden behind the tourist buses that regularly park along Malvar St. in the evening. I noticed him swaying his hips while walking. I thought he was one of those gay guys who are cruising Malvar. You see this area of Malate is a cruising ground for some gays and a lot of "miracles" happen here (even along the darkened sidewalks).

Then the red-shirt-guy was swerving towards my direction. I lessen my pace and looked at him. It all happened so fast that I never noticed he was already one meter away from me. Then suddenly he lift his stretched arms, closed his fist and swings his arm towards me where his closed fist slammed unto my left shoulder blades. I was shocked.

My immediate response was to run but fear struck in my mind. What if that guy has a companion waiting just in the corner? What if these guys are drug addicts? What if one of them is bringing a knife? God! I don't want to die in this section of Malate, it would be too embarrassing to die there.

I never run so fast in my life

Fortunately the red-shirt-guy was all alone and he was too drunk to run after me. Upon seeing the first cab in Taft, I hailed it and hurriedly close the door. There goes my effort in trying to save what little money I have!

Wednesday, November 27, 2002


I was a bit busy for the past few days. That is why I haven't blog for sometime. That bitch who is working as Building Administrator in our office has been giving me headaches again. I really HATE people who vents out their frustrations in life by actings as if they are the most important person (in tagalog, nagpapaimortante!). That's what our building administrator has been doing. Such a bitch.

Have you ever done a thing and you keep on thinking afterwards if what you have just done is correct?

Well, this is what I felt when I change the title of my blogspot. I was convincing my self that it was th right decision, but I failed to convince "me". So it's back to TagaBukid in the City. Now, I more comfortable.

Friday, November 22, 2002

Napa - Cutie ng bagong mukha ng blogspot ko (or is it too girly?) Well bahala na, at least the new look of my page is more pleasing to the eyes.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002


Well, if you have been following my blogspot, you would know that I changed the title of this page. From the "TagaBukid in the City", I now changed it to "Mga Kwentong Bus, Atbp.". Why the change? I just fell the title is appropriate for what I am writing in this so called "online diary". While it is true that I grow in the mountains of Bukdinon (making me the Taga-bukid) and now living in this metropolis, much of the things that are written here were not exactly related to my being "taga-bukid". Most, if not all, of the stories in this page happened while I am taking the bus (on my way to our office in Legaspi Village or on my way home at Palanan, Makati City) or they were ideas and thoughts concocted while I am inside those buses (or other modes of transportation) that ply the busy streets of Metro Manila. So I believe the new title is more appropriate.

Saturday, November 16, 2002


Going to movie should be an experience and last Wednesday, during the opening of the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, I was treated to a great movie experience.

While the rest was scampering to get the tickets on the first day of screening, I was lucky enough to be offered two tickets for Louie's Premiere THX theater in Amorsolo. I brought my friend AG and we watched the 11 p.m. screening.

I will not discuss the merits of the film, all I can say is that if you love reading Harry Potter, you would love this movie.

I would like to talk about Louie's Premiere THX theater. This is an exclusive theater for members only. This means you can not just go there and buy your tickets, you must be a member first or purchase a ticket from one of the members. To be a member, you must pay a membership fee (from what I heard it is Php 10,000.00) and pay your monthly membership dues and where they will be sending you your monthly supply of tickets (some tickets can be transferrable which means you can give it to others). This is the first THX theater in the Philippines. THX is the sound technology for movies developed by George Lucas of the Star Wars fame. I suggest if you would like to watch a film with good special effects, try watching at a THX theater, I will guarantee it is a different movie experience. I remember rising my legs in a scene where Harry and Ron were pursued by big spiders. The effects of the sound system cause the chairs to vibrate and you would have the feeling that spiders were also running under your chair.
There are a number of THX theater in Metro Manila, but probably what makes Louie's different is because of its exclusive membership. When we watched Harry Potter that night we were saved from the noisy theater goers that are very common in the movie houses in the malls.

Well, guys, see you in the movies then. By the way, I am now securing my ticket for Louie's for the second serving of the Lord of the Ring which will open on the first Wednesday in January.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002


Will a super rich and handsome 22 year old guy fall in love to a 40 year old, twice-divorced and mother of 17 year old girl? This was the theme of the play "40 Karats" which I had the opportunity to watch during the holiday at the RCBC Plaza in Makati. The play was staged by the Repertory Philippines.

I will not talk about the play. Let me, however, give my opinion in one of the issues raised during the play. When Peter (the 22-year-old guy) was wooing Anne (the 40-year-old divorcee), he said that they should not worry much about the future for what matters is what they feel now. Anne, of course, was worried what people will say and will their relationship last.

Should we really be worried about tomorrow or shall we just let everyday pass worrying nothing but our feelings at this moment?

Carpe diem! seize the moment. One of life's many regrets is not being able to seize the moment. We lost lots of opportunity because we are too concern about our imagined feared repercussions. We never took the challenge because we don't want to take the risk. We were not able to accept change because we feel we could be comfortable with the status quo. We worry a lot.

It is good to worry about the future. They said that those who fail to plan are planning to fail. However, when our worries dominate our life and we fail to see the real picture, then we are bound to a great deal of unhappiness and regrets in the future. I don't want to wake up one day only to tell my self, "I should have done it."

We can seize the moment without worrying too much on what future might bring. We can do it by taking precaution. Only a stupid person will jump out of the ship without taking any life saving material