Tuesday, September 30, 2003


While everybody was praising Kris Aquino for her courage to tell the "truth" about what happened between her and her ex-lover Joey Marquez, I thought I was the lone voice in the wilderness. But yesterday, I found one who shared the same opinion with me. Yesterday's column of Conrado de Quiros of the Philippine Daily Inquirer proved that I am not alone in sharing my views against Kris and this whole issue (you can check my September 24 entry). Here's what de Quiros said:

Posted:11:09 PM (Manila Time) | Sept. 28, 2003
By Conrado de Quiros

LAST year, I wrote about Kris Aquino. She had just become the cynosure of the nation's eyes for making her affection for Joey Marquez public. My reason for doing so was that I was bothered by the jokes about it. Though some of the jokes were really funny -- we Filipinos are past masters at gallows humor, and we get sharper the more the noose tightens around our necks. They were also pretty cruel. Or indeed sprung from very wrong premises.

I was particularly uncomfortable about the ones that suggested promiscuity on her part. There was no lack of cheap shots made on the words "Hindi ka nagiisa" and "The Filipino is worth dying for." There was a larger issue at stake there, I thought, which was the double standards we held about the proper behavior of men and women. We had just had a president who did not particularly mind parading his mistresses and conquests before the world, yet no one made any bones about it. Except Jaime Cardinal Sin, and everyone thought him puritan. There were jokes about his incontinence to be sure, but they were not cruel, they were admiring. When Kris, on the other hand, gushed out her affection for someone against all opposition -- her family's chief of them -- the world came down on her.

The reactions I got from friends and readers were: one, that it wasn't the promiscuity people were making fun of, it was Kris' penchant for exhibitionism; and, two, why did I have to fiddle around while Rome burned? The first I don't buy: the underlying premise of many of the jokes was not scorn for Kris' loudness but her presumed "kalandian", a judgment never made about men. The second doesn't bother me. I write about things I feel strongly about, whether others think them important or not. If I can't be true to myself, I can't be true to the public.

This time, however, I am tremendously loath to write about Kris' -- or Joey Marquez's -- current predicament. One would think it would be easier because the women's groups have already given it a national-interest spin: Kris should be congratulated for making domestic violence public. That should encourage battered wives to come out and seek redress, or be rescued from their plight. If true, I myself would join the chorus and sing my praises, too.

But that is the first thing that bothers me about this issue, the rush to judgment. I myself do not particularly like Joey Marquez. And while I am infinitely tolerant of the foibles of love -- those who insist the young should marry, or settle down, wisely have either not been in love or have forgotten how they themselves rushed in where angels fear to tread; it is always a case of temporary insanity, well, sometimes permanent -- I can't understand how any woman couldn't have sensed the danger a mile away. Anybody who has seen an episode of "Palibhasa Lalake" -- the title says it all-couldn't have failed to spot the machismo. I don't mean by this the penchant for fickleness (a lot of fickle men are not macho), but the attitude of being God's gift to women. The kind (like Robin Padilla) that says such patronizing things as "Ang babae ay di binubugbog kundi niroromansa."

But having said that, I don't know that naturally makes Marquez guilty as charged. Is it possible that someone entertaining political ambitions would beat up a partner who is not just the daughter of the most prominent citizen of this country but is one of its most popular show-biz personalities? Well, stranger things have happened and there's no telling what machismo can do. But until that is proven, I don't see why I should join the lynch mob.

That is the second thing that bothers me about this: the uses of the media for whipping up a frenzy. Unlike Maria Teresa Carlson, who was at the mercy of her oppressor, Kris is not. She is a powerful person in her own right in this television-addled country, having several shows in ABS-CBN. She is not the underdog in this case. Maybe it's true, as she says, that Marquez is merely inventing her having said she would ruin him because she is popular and people are apt to believe her, but the way she is going on about this, she is giving credence to his accusation. She is turning Marquez into a sympathetic figure by making him the object of a media mugging. That is assault and battery, too, and it is happening right before our eyes.

The way she and Korina Sanchez have violated every canon of media ethics, chief of them maintaining a degree of objectivity and giving the other side a chance to say his piece, is enough to embarrass any self-respecting journalist. One would imagine that if Kris had learned any lesson in life, it would be that when you try to silence someone by an excessive use of force, he speaks with the force of a thousand tongues.

What this incontinent display of power is bound to encourage is not more battered women to come out and tell all but more idiots in the media to oppress their enemies, particularly those who cannot fight back.

The last thing that bothers me about this issue is our utter lack of sense of proportion, our infinite capacity to dwell on these things. Rome is burning, or this country is. I feel the charge of fiddling more sharply in this case, and my only excuse is that a dissenting voice must be heard here. Of course, other countries are prey to the snares of the Pied Piper, too-even England waxed show biz over the death of Diana whose contribution in life were to prove more interesting than the man she married. But we do it to outrageous lengths. Rico Yan dies and we make a saint of him. Ruffa Gutierrez marries and we want to follow every step of her pregnancy. Kris Aquino and Joey Marquez fight, and we stop the world.

A country of slaves deserves tyrants. A country of simpletons deserves F4. And the Kris and Joey show.

Thursday, September 25, 2003


I wish I had the faculty of language to describe the film that I watched last night, but I don't. All I can say is that I had a wonderful, no, superb movie experience last night. And its all because of the Australian Film "Lantana".

One good thing with my office address is it is just in front of Greenbelt 1 which now host the Art Film of the Ayala Cinemas. Starting September 19 up to September 28 Greenbelt 1 played host to the First Australian Film Festival (I missed the film "The Sum of Us", starring Russel Crowe because I was sick when it was shown) Last night's feature was "Lantana".

To know more about the film, please click here, this will lead you the films Official Website.

This is a must see film. Acting was great and so was the story. It is one of the film that would make you think and it is full of surprises.

The central theme of the story is trust and the character Valerie (portrayed by Barbara Hershey) explained it in the film when she said "trust is as vital to human relationships as breathing is to life." Trust in this film is presented in the context of a married life. This is the synopsis of the film as provided by film's website

A woman disappears.
Four marriages are drawn into a tangled web of love, deceit, sex and death.
Not all of them will survive.

LANTANA is an intriguing psychological drama about love, infidelity and mistrust. It's about the mistakes we make, the consequences we suffer and the attempts we make to fix things up. Detective Leon Zat moves through a dark labyrinth of human relationships on his journey to solve the mystery of a woman's disappearance. He strips away layer after layer to reveal the tender and dark underbelly of this perplexing obsession between men and women called love. And each layer causes him to reflect back on his own marriage, on what he has lost and what he must get back.

Leon (Anthony LaPaglia) had an affair (two night stand) with Jane (Rachel Blake) who is estranged with her husband Pete (Glenn Robbins). Leon's wife Sonja (Kerry Armstrong) has suspicion and consulted her psychologist Valerie. Valerie is struggling with her other patient Patrick (Peter Phelps) who is gay and admitted to having a relationship with a married guy whom Valerie suspect to be her husband John (Geoffrey Rush) who is silently agonizing from the murder of their 11-year-old daughter.

One night Valerie almost had an accident in a dark road and hailed a van driven by Nik (Vince Colosimo) who with his wife Paula (Daniela Farinacci) are the close friend neighbor of Jane. On that night, Valerie was reported missing and on the same night, Jane saw Nick threw a shoe on the Lantana bushes.

The film is full of twists and surprises. Before you could jump into conclusion, your opinion will suddenly be debunked by the next revelation in the film.

If you have the opportunity to watch this film, don't fail to watch it. It is worth your time and would really make you think about the relationships your are in right now.

And yes, Lantana is that flower beside the title of this article.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

photo from PDI


Showbiz. That is the word that could best describe her. If there is one person in Philippine show business that epitomizes the word "showbiz", Kris Aquino is on top of the list. This latest episode of her life that hugged the headlines is just a clear example to her being showbiz.

How do you solve a problem like Kristeta?

Kris Aquino is one of the many personalities who does not care if her private affairs are laid open in public. What matters to her most is that she'll be always on the spotlight. No matter if people call her all sort of names for having been engaged with married man to another. No matter if her family is scandalized by the things she admitted on TV. For her those things are immaterial. As long as she is talked about (in Filipino, napaguusapan), she would be happy to jump into that opportunity.

For Kris, any issue about her, be it good or bad, is still publicity. That is very much like Kris. That is very showbiz.

Now before you accuse me of automatically jumping into conclusion. I would like to say that yesterday's turn of events is already enough for me to derive on this opinion.

What happened between Kris and Joey Marquez at the Essensa Tower in Fort Bonifacio is a private matter. And if indeed Joey physically harmed her and threatened her at gunpoint, then by all means she should report it to the authorities. There is nothing wrong with that! What is actually wrong is all these media coverage.

What happened at the Pacer compound at the Camp Crame yesterday was a show. The intention really was not to report to the authorities the alleged maltreatment done to her, that was just part of the script. The real intention was to grandstand, to have a show.

How did they do it?

First, they need the attention of the media. That is the most important part. Media people have no business at Pacer compound on that day. So what are they doing at the Pacer's compound before Kris arrived? Obviously they received a tip and that's why they were there to record and broadcast the show. Where does tip came from? Well it certainly won't come from Joey's camp, not from the PNP, but it should come from Kris camp.

The came the arrival. Kris arrived with her brother Tarlac Rep. Noynoy Aquino, lawyers Raymond Fortun and Rene Saguisag, and Mayor Jejomar Binay of Makati City. Have you noticed anything wrong with the picture? I do. Kris went there to blotter the incident. This is a very simple procedure of telling your complaints to the police officer and the police officer would record your complaint. Simple as that! I've done this before and any ordinary Filipino could do it. You don’t need all the legal expertise to do it.

I would understand if she arrived with her brother because that would be the right thing to do. But to come with your lawyers (who were not just ordinary lawyers) and with a powerful mayor, to assist you in making the simple task of making a blotter, your intention must be different. Of course the effect would have been different if Kris went there alone or with a not so known lawyer. She wants to create a bang and that’s what she did.

So everything was perfect. Media were in place and the luminaries as her escort. But that did not end there. Kris has to play her part too. And she played it well. The distraught lady and not talking the media, but making sure not to enter her vehicle immediately, linger for a while and make sure that the media can catch your supposed bruises in your arm, which is by the way very obvious if your skin is as immaculate as Kris skin is.

See everything was perfect. There is no reason why the media won't feast on it, all the elements of intrigue are present and that's what the media did.

Now you would ask me, why am I allotting some space (and time) in my blog just to talk about Kris and his affair with Joey?

Because one way of getting rid of your irritation is to write.

It bothers me that news like the leak in the Bar Exams, the appointment of Eduardo Ermita to the controversial defense post and other worthwhile news are being placed in the sideline while a lover's quarrel are given importance.

It sickens me that ABS-CBN to protect their prized talent in the person of Kris would once again (as always pala) loss its objectivity in its news and current affairs program just protect its talent. I mean, for the love of ethical journalism, what's the use of interviewing kids on your late night news program and asked them "who do you like, Kris or Joey?" Spare the kids, puhleesee! And what was the purpose of that man-on-the-street interview on Kris and Joey issue when you haven't really heard the other side of the story yet? Besides, it's a private matter and we shouldn't have any business about that!

Kris irritates me and the people who applauds her for her "honesty" by washing her dirty linens in public. Go ahead tell me about how you fell for a married men. I don't care. But broadcast it on a national TV where my five-year old niece whom I love so much is watching, that is another story. Have she taught about that? What kind or role modeling then would she give to the million of teenagers and kids who are watching her everyday?

Obviously, that won't matter to her. What matters to her is she'll be talk about. That is so showbiz!

How do you solve a problem like Kristeta?

Make her irrelevant. Let her feel that we don't approve what she is doing. That is the only way to solve the problem.

And yes, if you ask who I am inclined to believe? Call me a chauvinist, call me a pig, but I find Joey Marquez to be more credible.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003


I had my much needed rest over the weekend. And I need to be sick just to have that rest.

I was infected with German Measles last Thursday. At first, I thought it was just prickly heat. But then, some tiny red spots started to appear on my face (anything on my face can cause panic for me), I finally decided to see a doctor.

Well, it was a German Measles my doctor said and its contagious. Which means, I have to stay in the house (just a note, if you have one don't come near a pregnant women, you migth infect her and the infection will cause some abnormalities on the baby). Funny, I was really feeling ok, my body is a little bit weak but I have no fever and no dizzy spells. Except for that rashes over my body, I could have been in a perfect condition.

So I had my rest from work, from my Saturday and Sunday singing engagements and from my gimiks.

Today, I reported to the office. Which means, I am okay.

Thanks for those who prayed for me. It is sometimes nice to be given those cares and attention.

Monday, September 22, 2003

My ex-boyfriend will be releasing his new album this November. That one above is the cover. It will be out on November 10.

(Yesterday, the picture link was from Fotki and I think that link is carzy. Good thing I was able to found a forum of Josh Groban's fans and I was able to link that picture above from the said forum. For Josh Groban Fans out there you can access him at his official website or at this forum -Eric 9/23/03 )

Thursday, September 18, 2003


I stop reading Conrado de Quiros already. Yes, he is such one brillian writer, but I have to much of his GMA bashing. Not that I am a fan of Gloria, but I am just tired of it.

However, his article yesterday caught my attention. It did not talked about Gloria but about the F4. Yes, that disbanded Taiwanese band. And I totally agree by what he said. Here's de Quiros" article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

Meteors falling
Posted:10:56 PM (Manila Time) | Sept. 16, 2003
By Conrado de Quiros

I'VE been asking people in the past days why the Taiwanese teen singers F4, the stars of "Meteor Garden," are so popular.

The reason for it was the news I saw last week. The Ninoy Aquino International Airport turned into a circus as soon as the group planed in. There was more security than greeted a visiting dignitary and a lot more enthusiasm. A group of kids had skipped elementary school to be on hand to welcome the guests. One girl would say later that she was a little disappointed not to have been able to shake the hands of her favorite stars -- she had been swept aside when the crowd surged forward -- but it was enough that she had shared the same ground with them, or within their proximity.

A fairly senior and impoverished citizen who was at the airport too said she made it a point to save whatever she could to buy F4 or Meteor Garden paraphernalia -- posters, pictures, bric-a-brac. It gladdened her in her old age. Several airport officials themselves, men and women, lost their composure, and like the other fans, faces flushed, gushed breathlessly at the recollection the stars actually passed by them just a couple of feet away. And somebody told me kids from the more affluent schools not just skipped classes but rented rooms in the hotel adjoining the guests'. You can't get more cross-section, and idolatrous, than this.

These are levels of adulation I have not seen for some time. I did see it in my own time in the hysteria that greeted the Beatles wherever they went. I remember that there was a commotion too at the airport when they arrived, and an even bigger one when they left. Though the latter was far less amusing: The group was chased out by a mob, apparently upon orders of Malaca?ang, presumably for snubbing a presidential invitation. A harrowing experience that prompted John Lennon to vow he would never return to this savage land, a vow he never had the chance to break. And an opinion he never had the chance to revise. But that is another story.

But that I should recall the Beatles in reference to F4 must suggest I am impressed by the latter's success in these parts. Certainly, none of the local "megastars" -- Sharon Cuneta, Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera -- has met with the same levels of worship. They too must be wondering what happened, what they did wrong and what the Taiwanese group are doing right. I just read in the papers that fans caused a stampede at the Philsports Arena, forcing the visitors to cancel an appearance in a local TV network next day lest they be crushed by fanatical embrace.

I confess I have not seen a "Meteor Garden" episode -- my TV consists of news, some sports and DVD -- but my 14-year-old tells me it's funny. He himself got rave reviews of it from his bus mates, which prodded him to watch it. He never got hooked on it, however. He left it after a couple of weeks to go back to his favorite Japanese anime, the ones with even weirder titles than "Meteor Garden" -- "Initial D.," "Grander Musashi," "Amon Saga." And to his favorite online game, the locally made, and equally phenomenal, Ragnarok: I'll have to write about that, too, someday. But he says "Meteor Garden" is funny.

The reactions are divided. Some of my musician friends are furious at the impertinent poaching on territory. Particularly, as one told me last weekend, since F4 was apparently already on the wane ("palaos na") in Taiwan. It doesn't help, he said, that they cannot hold a candle, music-wise, to any decent local group. But another musician friend was more philosophical. They must obviously be striking the right chord -- pun fully intended, he said -- with local audiences. And at least the group comes from another Asian country. We're too sucked into American Top 40 it was good to be invaded music-wise by an F4.

I myself think the phenomenon should wake us up to a not particularly pleasant prospect, about which I had warned in several previous columns. That is, that we could be losing our competitive edge in the export of musicians to Asia, which is one of our biggest and better-quality exports. The days when hotels in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok would put up signs that say, "Filipino band playing tonight" may be numbered.

The karaoke sounded the first tones of its death knell. The karaoke's invasion has been far and wide, penetrating the heartland of popular music itself, which is America. Certainly, its march into the local scene has been 2 fast 2 furious, if the ubiquity of the machine is anything to go by. Even NGOs have not been spared, their staff -- like those of government offices -- repairing to the nearest video-karaoke bar after meetings to take out their frustrations on the microphone. That alone may explain the decline in the quality of NGO thinking over the past years, as shown specifically in their inability to distinguish War Bonds from PEACe Bonds. But that is also another story.

The digital revolution turned the faint tones into a sonic boom. We probably still have the edge in ear but other Asian countries have the edge in technology. While we worry about piracy and use taxpayers' money to protect Hollywood (that's what Bong Revilla is doing with the Videogram Board), other Asian countries have been resolutely exploring the possibilities of MP3s and even higher levels of sound compression and finding new ways to market music. I did warn about that too before; we're looking at life through a rear-view mirror, trying to impose old structures on new realities.

Of course we can always say that meteors are fleeting things; they burn bright and die in the blink of an eye. But they can always say the same thing about us too, or our musicians.

I am (desperately) hoping we can find a way to reinvent ourselves. We've always had a good "oido" [ability to learn by ear], maybe we can still play this one by ear. But it helps to read notes, too, or signs on the wall.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2003


All the tension that I had over the weekend and the hearing I have last monday plus all the night outs for the last two weeks, finally caught up with me. I was down yesterday with fever and with an aching muscles and joints. Worst, I have to be in the office to answer Katrina Legarda's new motion.

I am okay now, weak but ok.

And yes, for those who have seen over the last six months with my noty so long hair. I said goodbye to that already, I had it cropped last Monday and I never felt so good!

Monday, September 15, 2003


I have just survived one hearing that has been giving me goosebumps over the weekend!

It wasn't really a big deal. I was asked to appear in court as a representative of my boss because he can't attend the hearing for he has to another hearing. All I have to do is to go to the court. Once the case (Declaration of Nullity of Marriage) is called, all I have to do is tell the judge that I am appearing as a representative of my boss, that my boss can't make it to this hearing stating the reason mentioned above, I will ask for a postponement and a period ten days to file a comment on the motion filed by the petitioner (our client is the respondent).

Simple? Probably yes. But when you are not yet a lawyer and your formal studies of law is only up to two semesters (I'll be continuing my law studies next year), you wouldn't have that confidence. Worst, you know that seating at the opposite side of the bench as lawyer for the petitioner is THE Atty. Katrina Legarda. Now tell me if you wouldn't be afraid.

Who is Katrina Legarda? Well, she just happens to be one of the best lawyers in town. She has her own talk show in one of the major TV network in the country, almost everybody listens to her, possess the impression of being feisty and the reason why former Congressman Romeo Jaloslos of Zamboanga del Norte is in jail right now.

I am usually a composed person (my friends can attest to that), my level of confidence is high and when pressured, I don't panic. But this morning, I was fidgety. I was going over my notes a hundred times, imagining all the worst scenarios, I can’t stay in one position while seating. The irony is, I WAS ONLY ASKING FOR A POSTPONEMENT! It is supposed to be as simple as that! But you don’t expect Katrina Legarda to go easy on that and I was right.

By 8:30 the court started calling cases. Atty. Legarda did not arrived yet. Part of me was wishing she wouldn’t come, but a part me was hoping she would. Honestly, I would really want to meet her and know how is she in court (and part if was of course the bragging right that “hey! I have faced the Atty. Katrina Legarda in court!”)

By 9 a.m. she arrived and upon seeing her it seems that there is a percussion band beating in my heart. Worst, she sat beside me which even made me feel more nervous. I was trying to amuse myself at the testimony of a 16-year-old girl while waiting for your case to be called. Katrina, on the other hand, was angered by the taught a 16-year-old girl who was called to the witness stand to testify against her mother in an annulment case. I wasn’t really laughing at the girl (well, sniggering for that matter), I just found her answers bitchy and amusing.

That 16-year-old girl testified that her mom is of unstable mind and has been causing her and her sisters physical and mental abuse. To counter her testimony the lawyer of the mother presented some cards which the girl admitted that it came from her. In that card, she wrote that her mom is the “perfect mom in the world”. The lawyer, dressed in all white and aided by a cane, then asked “how can you reconcile now this card with your previous statements. The girl candidly answered, “you wouldn’t give somebody a card and write bad things about her, won’t you?” At this point, I gave a soft laugh which was noticed by Katrina.

Noticing me, Katrina asked for what case I was there. I told her for the R Case (can’t tell the title ok). She then asked so what are you going to say in court? I answered we will be just calling for a postponement. She answered, “that cannot be, you had all the time to answer.” Then the “interview portion” began, while the judge was still hearing other cases.

“You are attorney?” Katrina asked. “No ma’am, I am just a paralegal,” I answered.

“A paralegal! are you studying law?”

“I used to, but hope to continue next year.”

“So where did you study law?”

“Silliman University”

“Silliman University, that is a good school!” She declared.

“Thank you ma’am,” I answered.

She continued to ask, “where do you intend to proceed with your law studies?”

“At FEU-LA Salle.”

“Oh, that business and law program at RCBC Plaza?”

“Yes, Ma’am”

“Well, if you have a problem just tell me, I know Atty. Bautista the dean of FEU law school.”

“I will ma’am.”

She was kind. Later an employee of the court approached her. After that our case was called. If she was accommodating to me while we were still seated she wasn’t when we were already standing in front of the judge. Eventually, the judge was persuaded by her arguments and refused to give the postponement that we asked. The judge told us that the petitioner’s motion will be submitted for resolution without our comment.

Well, I was not able to get what we want but I am happy to say that I did not commit any blunder, either. I am also pleased by the fact that even if she knew meas a paralegal only with a minimal knowledge about law compared to her, she did not go easy on me. She treated me as an equal and made me defend my case the best that I could. She had all my respects.

And yes! Most of the people that I talk to had all this comment about Katrina. She is a dyke. I beg to disagree. Yes her hair is cropped, but no dyke would come to the court bringing a pink handbag made of indigenous materials and with floral design. No dyke would have well-manicured nails and wear a pink blouse top by black coat. Katrina is not what most of the people think about her, that is obviously an unfair stereotype. She is a handsome woman. Feisty, determined, but still a lady.

Friday, September 12, 2003


I've added two new links in my blog. These are the live journal "Catharsis" by Nikolai a freshman Filipino-American Student at Georgestown U. He is an interesting read, articulate and his commentaries on American and world politics are good. Another link is the blog "beadle-doodles" by my friend Aldwyn who is managing a Human store in Cebu.

Check them out.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

(Second Installment)

26. Your car has an amusing female name. I don't have a car

27. You're the only one at your high school reunion who looks a lot
better than you did in high school. Yes! All my other classmates in high school seems to lost a lot of years in their life (nalusyang in Bisaya), I even look better than those who were considered hunks when we were still in high school

28. You've got at least one framed picture of a pet. I don't have a pet

29. If your mattress could talk, it would be Joan Rivers. huh!

30. You know that sex complicates things. Yes, I do. But I still love it. I don't have sex though with my close friends, I find it incestous

31. You know that being called a "cheap slut" isn't actually an
insult. I am a slut, I transfer from one bed to another and I love it!

32. There's a married guy somewhere who is terrified of you. A lot! And when I saw them in the malls with their girl friends or wives, they would go the opposite directions. I just love the look on their face when they saw me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

33. Nobody tells you what to do in bed...unless you tell them what to
tell you. I am the master in Bed and my partners are the slaves. But I am the master who would teach my slaves to treat me like a slave, I just love it!

34. You have a medicine chest stocked for any occasion. I don't have a medicine chest

35. You have at least one movie musical on video. NO, but I have the soundtrack of Chicago, would that qualify?

36. You're not embarrassed to sing in a piano bar. Why should I? I have a good voice!

37. You're embarrassed by people who sing in piano bars. Unless their voice is awful

38. You never hold a grudge for longer than a decade or two. I am a forgiving person

39. You know how to make an entrance. If I love to, I will. But most of the time, I like it when I am unnoticed

40. You know when to make an exit. same as above

41. You worry about people you don't even know - like Liza Minnelli. I worry about a lot of people because I am a caring person by nature

42. You choose the most fabulous greeting cards. I choose cards for what it says, not on how it looks

43. You know how to program your VCR. I do

44. You've got sunscreen at every conceivable SPF level. I only have a moisturizer with SPF 15

45. You have a cologne display worthy of Bloomingdales. Nada

46. You understand, viscerally, Joan Crawford. I don't watch Joan Crawford

47. Some of your best friends are your ex lovers. I don't have an ex-lovers. But yes, some of my good friends now are those I once share a bed with.

48. You know when to play dumb. Yes

49. You know what to do for a hangover. I rarely have hangover

50. Yes, you do have a condom. I always have two hidden in my wallet (in case of emergency)