Friday, June 25, 2004

Happy Happy Birthday to my best friend Jade Sheryl Speleski Yamut-Zapanta!

Here's one woman whose strength of character I truly admire. And for a woman who has been to a lot of trials in her life, I pray for happiness, joy, love and peace of mind.

I know she is happy now and I continuously pray for more blessings upon her and her family.

God Bless you Jade and happy 26th Birthday! (Opps! Sorry, I mentioned your age! Hehehehehe) Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 22, 2004



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I humbly submit to your decision your honor. hehehehehe

Friday, June 18, 2004


By now, those who have been watching the Canvass in Congress, will know the meaning of Filibustering. Well after Pimentel spoke for more than four hours (and damn! I regretted casting my vote for him), everybody seems to hate the word.

But there were those days that "Filibustering" was quite honorable. Those were the days when the Senate was still free with the people like Tito Sotto, Ramon Revilla, Robert Jaworski and the likes. And here's one article published by Inquirer today that spoke of how the late Senator Roseller T. Lim Filibustered for more than 18 hours just to prevent then Senator Ferdinand Marcos from becoming the Senate President. And by the way, the Late Senator Lim is a graduate of Silliman University College of Law.

photo from INQ7.
He filibustered for 18 hours
to stop Marcos but…

Posted: 1:31 AM (Manila Time) | Jun. 18, 2004
By Noralyn Mustafa
Inquirer News Service

Great filibuster

HISTORY does repeat itself.

Forty-one years ago, in April 1963, shortly before the Senate adjourned, the late Sen. Roseller T. Lim took to the floor and did the great filibuster that could have changed the course of our history.

For the entire 18 hours and 30 minutes that he talked, he had to keep standing, leaning on the podium only when he had to. He was allowed to take only water, but was prohibited from going to the comfort room. He had to relieve himself in his pants.

His cause: to prevent Ferdinand Marcos from becoming Senate President.

Before martial law was proclaimed on Sept. 21, 1972, there were only two parties-the Nacionalista Party (NP) and the Liberal Party (LP).

When Marcos, a Liberal, contested the Senate presidency against the Nacionalista incumbent, Eulogio "Amang" Rodriguez, the Liberals were the Senate majority, numbering 12 against 10 Nacionalistas. Diosdado Macapagal, the incumbent President, was a Liberal.

There were, however, two independents who were going to vote with the minority, which would assure the Nacionalistas the majority vote, except that the one crucial vote for the NP was in the hands of Alejandro Almendras, who was in the United States purportedly for a throat operation but was expected to arrive in the country in two days. With all their hopes pinned on him, the Nacionalistas had to delay the election.

On the eve of the election for Senate President, Marcos made a "friendly" visit to the ZamboangueƱo senator. Marcos knew that the Government Service Insurance System was foreclosing the mortgage on Lim's house (such were the senators of that time, they could not even afford to keep up with the amortization on their loans).

In elegant statesman's language, Marcos offered to pay the loan; and in equally elegant statesman's language, Lim refused. But after Marcos left, he let out a string of invectives in unelegant Spanish.

"I was a witness to that visit," Lim's daughter, Rosamy, told the Inquirer. "Daddy was mad. I think it was at that moment that he decided to do what he had to do."

The following day, at the party meeting hours before the vote, Lim offered to filibuster to buy time for the Nacionalistas until the arrival of Almendras.

For 18 hours and 30 minutes, he stood there talking, with just a glass of water nearby to sustain him. More than that, his brilliance, his impeccable command of the English language, his years as a trial lawyer and legislator, his vast store of anecdotes in the legislature and the laboring class of which he was a champion that gave him enough material to talk about and keep his audience listening. (For more of the article click here)

Thursday, June 17, 2004

What a lovely couple! Richard and Beth's Wedding was one of the best weddings I've been to.

By the way, my attendance to Beth's wedding completed my four wedding and a funeral in five months time. December, I attended two weddings. One for my team mate in the Praise Team of UCM, the other one was with for my cousin. In April, I attended the funeral of my cousin in CDO. Also in April, I attended the wedding of my roommate in Tarlac. Then Beth's wedding in May.

If your are wondering why I am saying this? Well, just to let know, that's all, hehehehehe. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


This one I got from "Fit", the magazine of Slimmers World. I am currently enrolled with Slimmers World for one year.
* Trying to find the clitoris (burn 8 calories)
* Trying to find the G-spot (burn 92 calories)
* not caring at all (burn 0 calories)

Putting on the condom
* With an erection (burn 6 calories)
* Without an erection (burn 187 calories)

Having an orgasm
* A real one (burn 112 calories)
* Faking it (burn 315 calories)

Putting clothes back on
* Quietly (burn 32 calories)
* In a hurry (burn 98 calories)
Moral lesson of the story is, if you don't have time to go to the gym but have time for sex, then for you to lose weight you must:
1. not patronize quickies since this will reduce the time for foreplay,
2. not get excited too much for you to burn more calories while putting on a condom,
3. fake your orgasm, and
4. do it in a place where you have all the likelihood to get caught so that by the time your done, you have no choice by to hurry up in putting your clothes back.
Now, shall we put this into practice? Hahahahahaha!

Friday, June 04, 2004


(photo from

His name is Manuel "Way Kurat" Zamora. No, he is not your typical-gardener-employed-by-a-rich-businessman-living-in-Forbes-Park, he happens to be the Hon. Manuel Zamora, Representative of Compostella Valley in Mindanao.

Now, if his name doesn't ring a bell, that means you haven't been reading the newspaper or watching TV reports lately.

Here's a reminder, at the height of the debates in the Congress for the canvassing of votes for the President and the Vice President, when another Representative from Mindanao, Digs "Shut Up" Dilanganen, was trying to employ his delaying tactics again (remember Erap's impeachment?), Congressman Manuel "Way Kurat" Zamora (whose nickname literally means "no fear"), in all "parliamentary posture" interrupted the heated debate in the plenary, and asked the Speaker of the House, in full view of the hundreds of people inside the Plenary Hall of the Batasang Complex and the millions of Filipinos watching the television, if he could personally carry the 190 or so ballot boxes in front because he is getting bored. This brought the House down and ease up the tention. And yes! it wasn't just all for show, up to this day he brought those boxes in front one by one!

But "Way Kurat" is no ordinary congressman, if all congressman where like him, proabbly the Congress would not be tagged as one of the most corrupt institutions in our government. Here's an article from which was republished at the House of Representatives' website:
Rep. Zamora shows them what austerity means

HE GOES to work on a bike and wears “puruntong” shorts in his office. He uses a small service vehicle for his rounds back home. And when his finances permit, he takes a boat to visit his province.

Moreover, he interacts with his constituents by acting as “kristo” (bet collector) in cockfight arenas scattered around his district.

Would you believe this guy is a congressman?

Compostela Valley Rep. Manuel Zamora, 51, has a lot to teach his colleagues about frugality and austerity.

A first-term congressman, Zamora says he goes to work on a bicycle because he still has to get a car from the House of Representatives and he can't afford to take a taxi.

"So, I thought, since the place I was renting was only 3 kilometers away (from the Batasang Pambansa complex), why not ride a bike?" Zamora says in an interview by the INQUIRER.

So off to Cartimar in Pasay City, Zamora went with his chief of staff to purchase a P5,000 mountain bike.

At 8 a.m. from Monday to Friday, Zamora takes a 30-minute bike ride from Sierra Monte Village in Quezon City to the Batasang Pambansa.

It's uphill going to the House, but its okay because it's downhill on my way home, he says.

Donned in jogging pants, Zamora chains his bike to the railing of the steps at the entrance of the South Wing where he holds office at Room 405.

After taking a bath, he changes into his “puruntong” shorts and then goes about his legislative work, including entertaining his constituents.

"I'm comfortable in my shorts. Why should I be ashamed?" says Zamora, who is a farmer by profession.

At lunchtime, Zamora takes his bike for the short trip across the main gate to take his meal at Migs Restaurant where rank-and-file House employees have their lunch.

After lunch, he changes into the more formal barong Tagalog as he prepares for the 4 p.m. regular session.

"I'm just like this. I am a simple man," Zamora says, wondering why he should get so much attention for leading a frugal life in what was otherwise a world of the rich and famous in the House.

He says he felt timid during the opening of Congress on July 23 because his seatmate happened to be San Juan Rep. Ronaldo Zamora, who incidentally has a brother named Manuel.

"(Ronaldo Zamora) is so rich, it felt weird sitting beside him," says the unassuming Zamora, a high school graduate who only went as far as first year in college where he took an engineering course.

Zamora will most likely get a vehicle soon because one of the benefits given to members of the House is a car loan from the Landbank of the Philippines.
Click here for another article published by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism. I REALLY LIKE THIS GUY!

"Way Kurat" and his bike Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


For the fourth time, I lost my cellphone again!

Yesterday, as I was hurrying up to get off the cab since I was late, I failed to notice that my cellphone fell of from the side pocket of my pants. It was already too late when I discovered that it was lost. I was already in my office when I learned that I don't have my cellphone in my pocket. I tried calling my number through our landline but what I got was a busy tone.

I was really intending to buy a new one. My nokia 3310 is quite antiquated. What pissed me of was that it goes with it my SIM card. Good thing, I have a list of my friends numbers. Bad thing is, I don't have the list of darth vader and I don't know how to get in touch with him! That thing really sucks!

Who is darth vader? ask Beth.