Friday, November 21, 2008

How to Burn US$20M-Literally!

If you have 20 Million US Dollars to spend, what will you do with it?

If you are the Royalties of Dubai, U.A.E. and owner of the Atlantis Resort Hotels, you will treat your A-List celebrities and other guest for the opening of your hotel to an extravagant firework display and breathtaking lights, lasers, and sounds show.

And this is what they just did. They placed more than one hundred thousand fireworks along The Palm (if you were born not from this age, that is the man made island shape like a Palm Tree off the coast of Dubai) and created a light show that would seem to look like the Atlantis Hotel rise up from the waters (the legend of the Atlantis, remember?).

It was Phenomenal! It made the fireworks display during Beijing Olympics looks boring compared to the grandeur that this created. Never mind if the rest of the world is in recession. Never mind if the other Atlantis hotels are having problems with their bookings. If you have the money, don't just spend it - - SPLURGE! (Do I sound sarcastic?) Here watch the extravagance! Wonderful, Phenomenal, Breathtaking, but still an extravagance and I love it!

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rakstar said...

Maonasha, akong i-training ni akong anak nga mangita ug krudo maskin asa aron ma-dato ta!